Brian Leeson Election Fundraiser, March 2nd

A ‘Race Night’ fundraising event for Brian Leeson’s local election campaign is taking place on Saturday, March 2nd, in The Bottle Tower in Churchtown. Brian has been a political and a community activist since 1989. No other candidate in the Dundrum area has as long a proven track record of challenging injustice and standing up to the state, private corporations and the political establishment as Brian.

Over the last thirty years Brian has been to the fore of countless progressive political campaigns and community-based initiatives. From the campaigns to free the Birmingham Six and end apartheid in South Africa in the early 1990s to more recent campaigns to defeat the Water Tax, Repeal the 8th and secure housing justice for all Brian has given his all.

It costs just €5 to ‘buy’ a horse in the race night, and you can ‘buy’ as many horses as you want. You can also contribute to the election campaign by buying an a half-page (€50) or full-page (€100) in the Race Booklet that will be produced for the event. The space can be used to extend support and well wishes to Brian.

If you’re interested in buying a horse or a space in the booklet, get in touch with Brian directly at or contact him on 086 8071010.

Or come along to the Race Night from 7.30pm onwards on Sat, March 2nd in The Bottle Tower.