Hands Off Venezuela Protest, Dublin, Monday, Jan 28th.

Éirígí spokesperson Ciarán Heaphey has condemned the latest attempts to undermine the Venezuelan government and encouraged people to attend a protest outside the United States embassy in Dublin at 5.30pm on Monday (January 28) evening. Speaking from Dublin, Heaphey said,

“This week has witnessed a renewed attempt by external forces to end the Boliviarian revolution in Venezuela. The almost instantaneous recognition by the US, Columbia, Brazil and other countries of Juan Guaido’s claim to the Presidency of Venezuela points to a carefully planned choregraphy. Donald Trump has given the de facto green light for a military coup or the violent seizure of power from the streets. And other countries, including many in Europe, have disgracefully followed his lead.

 Of course, none of what is unfolding is particularly new. The Bolivarian revolution, has being incessantly attacked by the forces of imperialism and capitalism for over 20 years. Since the election that swept Hugo Chávez to power in 1998, the Venezuelan working class have resisted all attempts to crush their revolution including at least two attempted coup d’état.

 The inflation crisis engulfing Venezuela at the moment is the result of economic sabotage by the deposed ruling elites. Over the Christmas period the government found multiple warehouses containing almost four million toys, which were being stockpiled to drive up the price in the market. They were confiscated from the capitalists and redistributed to the poor. This is just one example of how the rich are using their wealth to manufacture false shortages and disquiet among the population.”

Heaphey concluded by encouraging people to join Monday’s protest,

“On Monday the people of Dublin and beyond will have an opportunity to send a message to the United States, to demand that they end their interference in the internal business of Venezuela. Their meddling in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria has caused the death of millions of human beings. That cannot be allowed to happen in Venezuela and other South American countries . I would encourage as many people as possible to join the protest at 5.30pm on Monday next outside the US embassy, which is being supported by Éirígí, The Workers Party, The Communist Party of Ireland and other progressives.”