About éirígí


éirígí is an Irish revolutionary political party which was established in 2006 by a group of political activists who believed that a new organisation was needed to fight for the rights of working people and to rebuild opposition to the British occupation of the Six Counties.

éirígí supports the creation of a thirty-two county Irish Socialist Republic, based on the principles of sovereignty, democracy, liberty, justice, equality, community and international solidarity. We believe that such a Republic will best protect the rights of all citizens while allowing the people of Ireland to reach their fullest potential, both collectively as a nation and as individual human beings.

While éirígí started out as a Dublin-based organisation it has now attracted members and supporters from across Ireland and beyond. Our party is organised in community-based ciorcal (branches) that work to challenge the injustices of the status quo and to promote a socialist republican alternative.

Since 2006 éirígí has campaigned on a wide range of issues at a local and national level. We have resisted the giveaway of Irish natural resources, opposed austerity, urged people to vote no to further EU integration, challenged British imperialism in Ireland and Irish support for US imperialism globally.

Membership of éirígí is open to anyone who is resident in Ireland, over sixteen years of age and in agreement with éirígí’s principles and objectives as contained in Bunreacht éirígí (the party constitution).