Largest 45 Landlords In 26 Counties Revealed

#Éirígí recently highlighted the fact that less than 50 ‘Mass Landlords’ owned over 27,600 homes – the equivalent of every home in Galway City (data contained in Revenue Commissioner report on Property Tax June 2016).

We can now reveal a further breakdown of the largest 45 Landlords. It shows that while tens of thousands of families are already homeless or sitting on endless waiting lists for public housing, other citizens / corporations own many hundreds of homes.


Anyone that thinks that these two facts are unrelated is living in a make-believe world. The existence of these 45 Mass Landlords and many thousands of others who aspire to join them has fundamentally skewed the housing sector in the 26 County state.

What chance has any citizen of buying a home when they are competing with the resources of the Mass Landlords?

And what possibility is there of a fair rental sector when so much of that sector is controlled by a small number of extremely wealthy and powerful Mass Landlords?

So here is the breakdown of Mass Landlords as of 2015:

Number of Landlords owning 200 to 300 Homes = 11

Number of Landlords owning 301 to 400 Homes = 11

Number of Landlords owning 401 to 500 Homes = <10

Number of Landlords owning 500 or more Homes = 14

In conjunction with Clare Daly we asked Noonan and the Department of Finance how many of these Mass Landlords fell into the category of ‘Vulture Funds’

Their answer? The don’t know because Vulture Fund ‘is not a recognised classification on tax records’. Go figure.

If you want to find out more about the housing sector and Éirígí’s proposed solutions to the current crisis come along to ‘The Housing Heist’ presentation in the Donaghmede Inn at 7.30pm on Tueday, October 4th.

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