Britain Out of Ireland

“The most powerful foe of labour is capitalistic imperialism, and in Great Britain capitalistic imperialism stands or falls by the subjection or liberation of Ireland”

– Erskine Childers

For centuries the people of Ireland have fought for the right to decide their own destiny free from external interference. The history of Ireland has been largely defined by that struggle, as generation has followed generation in a never-ending wave of resistance to British imperialism.

For more than two centuries that resistance has been intrinsically linked to the establishment of an Irish Republic. And for more than a century Irish revolutionaries have understood that that republic must be socialist in nature if it is to deliver not only national but also economic and social freedom.

It is éirígí’s view that in the global battle against twenty-first century imperialism the only logical place for Irish progressives to channel their energies is in the building of popular support for Irish democracy and by extension, popular resistance to British rule.

By defeating British imperialism on its own doorstep the people of Ireland could contribute a devastating hammer blow against tyranny in the global struggle for freedom and justice.

éirígí believes that the most effective way to oppose British imperialism in Ireland today is through the building a grass-roots anti-imperialist mass movement; the objective of which should be nothing short of a total British military, political and economic withdrawal from Ireland.

With this objective in mind éirígí launched its Campaign for British Withdrawal in the autumn of 2007. The official launch fittingly took place at the ninetieth anniversary Thomas Ashe commemoration, a revolutionary who himself epitomized the unbreakable spirit of the Irish revolution.

As part of that campaign éirígí has produced and distributed 60,000 copies of the‘They Haven’t Gone Away You Know’ campaign leaflet which highlights the reality behind the occupation.

On the streets éirígí have been to the fore in organising public opposition to British rule in Ireland. Please scroll down this page to read stories from the éirígí archives related to the Campaign for British Withdrawal.