Britain Out Of Ireland

The conquest of Ireland had meant the social and political servitude of the Irish masses, and therefore the re-conquest of Ireland must mean the social as well as the political independence from servitude of every man, woman and child in Ireland

~ James Connolly

A timeline of Irish history

1066 – 1788
Including the Norman invasion of Ireland; the Statutes of Kilkenny; the Elizabethan Wars; the Penal Laws; the Flight of the Earls; the first Plantation of Ulster; the Gaelic Rebellion; the Cromwellian invasion; the Battle of the Boyne; the Flight of the Wild Geese; Grattans Parliament and the French Revolution. More>>>

1789 – 1847
Including the foundation of The United Irishmen; the foundation of The Orange Order; the 1798 Rebellion; the Act of Union; the 1803 Rebellion; the foundation of the Apprentice Boys; the Foundation of The Catholic Association; the Introduction of the Poor Laws; O’Connell’s Repeal Movement; An Gorta Mór. More>>>

1848 – 1867
Including Black ’47; the Young Irelanders Rebellion; the Tenants Rights League; the Foundation of the Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood; the foundation of the Fenian Brotherhood; the 1867 Fenian Rising. More>>>

1868 – 1900
Including the foundation of Clann na Gael; the Land League; the Land War; Fenian Dynamite Campaign in England; the foundation of the Gaelic Athletic Association; the foundation of Conradh na Gaelige; the foundation of the Irish Socialist Republican Party; the Centenary Celebrations of the 1798 Rebellion; Visit of the English Queen Victoria to Ireland. More>>>

1901 – 1915
Including the foundation of Sinn Féin; the Belfast Dockers Strike; the foundation of the Irish Socialist Party; the Third Home Rule Bill; the 1913 Lockout; the foundation of the Irish Citizens Army; the foundation of the Ulster Volunteer Force; the foundation of the Irish Volunteers; the death of O’Donovan Rossa. More>>>

1916 – 1922
Including the 1916 Rising; the 1918 General Election and First Dáil; the Tan War; the 1921 Treaty; Partition; the Civil War. More>>>

1923 – 1939
Including the Civil War; the Boundary Commission; Land Annuities and Economic War; Saor Éire; Red scare; the Outdoor Relief Strike; the Blueshirts; the Republican Congress; the Spanish Civil War; IRA bombing campaign in England. More>>>

1940 – 2007
Including Operation Harvest; the Fiftieth anniversary of 1916; the Civil Rights Movement; Deployment of British Troops; IRA offensive; Sunningdale; the Prison Struggle and the Hunger Strikes; the 1985 Anglo-Irish Treaty; the Good Friday Agreement; the Foundation of éirígí. More>>>