Britain Out Of Ireland
For centuries the people of Ireland have fought for the right to decide their own destiny free from external interference. The history of Ireland has been largely defined by that struggle, as generation has followed generation in a never-ending wave of resistance to British imperialism. Read more

We Only Want The Earth
Like those who drafted the Democratic Programme, éirígí believes that the Irish people have a fundamental right to the ownership of all of Ireland’s natural resources. In other words éirígí believes that Ireland’s naturally occurring wealth should be used for the benefit of the many and not just the few. Read more

Tír Gan Teanga Tír Gan Anam
Pádraig Mac PiaraisTá an Ghaeilge á labhairt in Éirinn le timpeall 3000 bliain. Le tromlach an ama sin ba í teanga cheannasach na tíre í. D’athraigh sin 200 bliain ó shin, mar chuid de phróiseas beartaithe an choncais chultúrtha a chuir rialtais na Breataine i bhfeidhm thar na céadta blianta. Bhí an concas cultúrtha mar chuid lárnach de rún impiriúil na Breataine ar Éirinn, agus d’fhás sé ina uirlis thábhachtach do chumhachtaí impiriúlacha ina n-iarrachtaí chun pobail dhúchasacha a smachtú ar fud na cruinne. Read more

The Fight Back!
Right-wingers have long understood the opportunities that present themselves during periods of deep economic and political crisis. They understand that people who are in shock are easier to manipulate; that people who are afraid are less likely to fight back; that people who are desperate are willing to accept help from wherever it comes. In short they understand that they can use a crisis to force through right-wing policies that would be soundly rejected during periods of non-crisis. Read more

One World One Struggle
éirígí understands that now, more then ever, the struggle for an Ireland free of the twin fetters of capitalism and imperialism is integrally linked to the wider international struggle of the poor and oppressed against the rich and powerful. For this reason éirígí is committed to building links with progressive organisations and individuals internationally as well as assisting various solidarity campaigns based in Ireland. In practical terms éirígí supports events organised by the Irish Palestinian, Basque, Venezuelan and Cuban support groups. Read more