Join éirígí

logo2c2éirígí is organised in Ciorcail Áitiúla (local branches) which are responsible for organising the party and campaigns within the local community. Their main function is to engage with as many people as possible to spread the socialist republican message. This can involve handing out leaflets, organising meetings, putting up posters, taking part in protests, working with residents groups and a wide range of other activities.

éirígí members are also active in many other spheres of Irish society including the community and voluntary sector, the trade unions and the Irish language movement.

Membership of éirígí is open to those who are:
– Over sixteen years of age
– Resident in Ireland
– In agreement with éirígí’s principles*
– Willing to work towards the achievement of éirígí’s objectives*
– Willing to abide by éirígí’s code of conduct and its attendant disciplinary proceedings*

*éírígí’s principles, objectives and code of conduct are contained within Bunreacht éirígí