Stormont Isn’t Working


Since the Six-County assembly at Stormont was revived by the British government in 2007, it has proven a loyal implementer of the policies that derive from Westminster. The Stormont executive has been unwilling and unable to oppose the neoliberal agenda of New Labour and the Tories.

Regardless of the job losses, of the attacks on vital public services and benefits provision, Stormont has provided no resistance to the programme of the British government.

In the struggle to defend jobs and working conditions, to protect the public services that are so important to our communities, and also in the struggle to create a new political and socioeconomic order in Ireland where capitalism will be unable to prey on workers or the most vulnerable elements of society, Stormont has no progressive role to play.

Only through the difficult yet necessary work of organising ourselves in our communities and our workplaces can we begin the fightback for a better future.


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