éirígí hold Successful “Reclaim the Republic” campaign launch in Newry


A busy Saturday afternoon [September 19] saw éirígí activists take to the streets of Newry to launch the party’s “Reclaim the Republic” campaign in the area. The activists set up an information stall in Hill Street, one of the busiest shopping streets in Newry. éirígí flags and starry ploughs adorned the stall adding some colour to the launch. For the

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End PSNI Harassment


You could almost be forgiven for thinking that the decades long problem of police harassment had gone away. With the implementation of the ‘Good Friday Agreement’ and its various revisions, the new dispensation promised new policing structures under the guise of ‘Community Safety Partnerships’ and ‘Policing Boards’ that would enable political parties and communities to keep the ‘police’ in line.

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Seventeen Loyalist/Unionist parades in Newry each year is abhorrent

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The revelation that there are at least seventeen Loyalist/Unionist parades in Newry each year has been described as abhorrent by the socialist republican party éirígí. The comments came following Friday nights sectarian parade, organised by the South Down Defenders Flute Band, which involved thousands of Loyalists and at least 50 sectarian flute bands. There were further parades on both Saturday

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Newry Braces Itself For A Weekend of Unionist Coat-trailing


Concern has been expressed by éirígí An Iúir in relation to a number of planned unionist marches due to take place in the centre of Newry. Commenting on the proposed sectarian parades éirígí’s Newry representative Stephen Murney said “At the end of the month, Newry will see an entire weekend of unwanted and unnecessary marches taking place. From any perspective,

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O’Donovan Rossa and the Pheonix

rossa cover photo

The mythical Phoenix has long been a poignant metaphor for the struggle for national liberation in Ireland. The idea was first conceived by O’Donovan Rossa to symbolise, that despite temporary defeats or setbacks, each new generation will rise up and fight against imperialism. In 1856, Rossa and his comrades established the Phoenix National and Literary Society in Skiberreen Co. Cork,

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