Like and Save Croppies Acre

Honouring the Dead of 1798 – Dublin Government Style – blood-covered syringes, human excrement, empty beer cans, used condoms and every other imaginable type of waste now litter The Croppies Acre site just off the north quays of the Liffey in Dublin. The site, incorporating an elaborate monument and a mass grave of ‘croppies’ (the rebel dead from the 1798

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Derry Banner Sept 14

The comrades in Derry were out last night highlighting the scandal of youth unemployment in occupied Ireland which runs at 25%. In working class communities (republican and unionist) that rate is even higher. And many of those that have a job work for low wages and with poor conditions. As is the case in the Twenty-Six Counties part-time work and

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SECOND Boycott Israeli Goods Direct Action – Belfast – August 11, 2014

Video of a SECOND major Belfast direct action in a week calling for the boycott of Israeli goods. On Monday, August 11, scores of people participated in an éirígí-organised ‘de-stocking’ of Israeli products, and the products of companies closely associated with Israel, from the shelves of the ASDA supermarket in West Belfast. Purchasing Israeli products provides support to the Israeli

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The PFLP have issued a statement praising those who have taken part in pro-Palestinian direct actions and protests across the world. The PFLP statement, in the name of spokesperson Khaled Barakat, lists a number of direct actions carried out across the world including the stripping of Israeli products from the shelves in Ireland “The Front commended the multiple direct actions

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Gaza Kids 3

We are always reluctant to use shocking pictures like this one. We don’t want to add the crime of indignity to the list of crimes that have already been inflicted on these helpless kids. But sometimes it takes a shocking image to make the point that needs to be made. People need to be made aware of the direct link

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