Gangster Politicians Won’t Protect Your Health Service


On Monday (Sept 22) large numbers of sick and injured patients found themselves in the middle of the latest crisis to hit the Royal and Mater hospitals in Belfast. Accident and Emergency (A&E) staff struggled to cope as hundreds of people arrived into their departments seeking treatment. As a result patients were left lying in hospital beds on corridors for

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éirígí Béal Feirste support MacMillan Coffee Morning


Friday the 26th of September is ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ in aid of MacMillan cancer support. éirígí will be opening our Belfast office at 11am and providing the space for a few cups of coffee and a few buns in support of the charity. It’s Macmillan’s biggest fundraising event, where they ask people across the Six Counties and Britain to hold a coffee

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British and Irish Nationalism Are Not The Same

Billy Bragg

On Tuesday last (Sept 16) the singer and political activist Billy Bragg addressed the issue of nationalism in The Guardian newspaper. In the piece (which is reproduced below) he highlights the fact that many on the Left in England have an overly simplistic view of ‘nationalism’, resulting in them lumping parties as diverse as the British National Party and the

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If the Scottish Referendum was such a ‘victory for democracy’, let’s have another one!

Scottish Flag 2nd Referendum

In the aftermath of the Scottish referendum result the British political establishment were quick to deem it a ‘victory for democracy’. And in the same breath they definitively stated that the issue of Scottish independence was now settled for a generation or even permanently. Hmmm. The position of the unionist parties begs the question, ‘If the referendum was such a

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Like and Save Croppies Acre

Honouring the Dead of 1798 – Dublin Government Style – blood-covered syringes, human excrement, empty beer cans, used condoms and every other imaginable type of waste now litter The Croppies Acre site just off the north quays of the Liffey in Dublin. The site, incorporating an elaborate monument and a mass grave of ‘croppies’ (the rebel dead from the 1798

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