Short Strand Under Continued Attack

strand enclave

Over the past couple of weeks the Short Strand has been subjected to sustained and premeditated attacks by unionist paramilitaries.  This is the worst violence to hit the Short Strand since the prolonged sectarian siege of 2002. Dozens of homes were damaged during these sustained attacks and families have been left traumatised with some young children not wanting to return

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éirígí Newry Slams Glorification Of British Forces Of Occupation


The socialist republican party éirígí has criticised a number of supermarkets in Newry after the erection of stalls to promote the Royal British Legion’s “Poppy Appeal”. The collection stalls were erected in at least two large stores, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, and this has prompted members of the public to contact the party to voice their concerns and opposition. Commenting on

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Private Finance Initiatives – Stormont’s Hidden Black Hole


As the reality of the impact from Stormont’s recent budget begins to descend upon communities across the Six Counties, scant attention has been given by the mainstream media to the manner through which all the Stormont parties contributed to this situation through their use of Private Finance Initiatives (PFI’s). Stormont has used PFI’s to secure large sums to spend on

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Sinn Féin – The Illusion Of Radicalism Disappears


In the past éirígí has generally avoided singling out individual parties among the Stormont Coalition for criticism – choosing instead to address the collective actions and responsibility of ALL members of that Coalition in implementing Westminster’s austerity programme. However, following the publication of the draft Stormont budget (largely agreed by Sinn Féin and the Democratic Unionist Party) it would be simply

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Stop Stormont Cuts!

The Stormont Coalition

The Political Parties of the Stormont Coalition will ramp up their PR machines over the next few weeks using catchy slogans and sound-bites aplenty. Government ministers and party representatives will harp on about “being brave” and “making difficult decisions” for the people of the Six Counties. Stormont government sources are suggesting that the impending cuts could run as deep as

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éirígí Doire Remember Volunteer Seán Dolan


Today [25/10/2014] éirígí Doire along with the IRMCC held a Short & Dignified Wreath Laying Ceremony in Memory of IRA Volunteer Seán Dolan on his 73rd Anniversary. A wreath was laid at his graveside on behalf of éirígí Doire & IRMCC. Seán Dolan (Seán Ó Dubhláin) was a fluent Irish speaker and keen traditional musician, an I.R.A. Volunteer, Playwright, Scholar,

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