Éirígí is a campaigning political party that was formed in 2006 by community and political activists who believed a new organisation was needed to challenge systematic injustice and to build support for a new Ireland anchored in the Republican principles of Liberty, Equality, Justice and Community.


Modern Ireland is a deeply undemocratic, unequal and unfair country, not by accident, but by design. The partition of Ireland in 1922 spawned two conservative, sectarian states that were specifically designed to protect the interests of their respective elites and of private capital.

It is the core function of the establishment parties to maintain the illusion of democracy whilst simultaneously colluding with each other to protect and advance the interests of multinationals, banks, landlords, foreign governments and other powerful anti-democratic forces. The private bank bailout, NAMA, the imposition of austerity and the privatisation of natural resources and public services are just the latest examples of the system working exactly as it was designed to do.

"Éirígí wants to see a new all-Ireland Republic that will put the needs of the many ahead of the greed of the few; a New Republic that will protect and manage our natural environment for the benefit of future generations; a New Republic that will be secular, egalitarian and internationalist; a New Republic that will support our native language and culture; a New Republic that will provide secure, properly paid employment for everyone that can work and support for those that can’t; a New Republic that will provide all of our citizens with the housing, healthcare, education and other essential services that they need to reach their full potential."

A Real Alternative

Éirígí offers a real alternative to these establishment parties and the failures of the past. We have no loyalty to a state or a socio-economic system that perpetuates poverty, inequality, injustice and division in our society. Our only loyalty is to the Irish working class and the New Republic that we aim to help build.

The road to the New Republic requires the patient building of a peaceful mass movement incorporating political parties, campaign groups, trade unions, cultural organisation and other progressive forces. It is this movement that will become the engine for change and the transformation of our society to one based upon cooperation, not competition.

Since 2006 Éirígí activists have been involved in a wide range of political campaigns and other forms of activism including:

· Reclaim The Republic – an educational campaign which saw Éirígí print and distribute over 70,000 copies of the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic.

· Shell to Sea – where we opposed the giveaway of the Corrib natural gas field to Shell and other private energy companies.

· EU Referenda – our activists campaigned for a No vote in Lisbon 1 (2008), Lisbon 2 (2009), the ‘Fiscal Compact / Austerity Treaty’ (2012) and for the withdrawal of the Six Counties from the EU (2016).

· Britain Out of Ireland – challenging Britain’s occupation of the Six Counties

· Campaign Against the Property Tax – in opposition to the imposition of an unjust austerity tax in the Twenty-Six Counties.

· International Solidarity – standing with the oppressed people’s of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kurdistan and elsewhere.

· Stop The Water Tax – campaigning against the proposed introduction of a Water Tax in the Twenty-Six Counties

· Promotion of the Irish language – including the running of free community Irish language classes

· Public Housing For All – promoting the creation of universally accessible public housing system

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