Our Campaigns

Campaigns have played a significant role in shaping modern Ireland, impacting on how we work, live and play. Campaigns represent one of the few proven mechanisms that allow citizens to have a major impact on the future direction of our country.

Campaigns have the potential to educate, to empower and to mobilise people in pursuit of a collective demand. Many of the most effective grassroots campaigns began with relatively small number of people with very limited resources. But over time they succeeded in bringing ideas that were once considered ‘radical’ into the mainstream.


Éirígí For A New Republic is a campaigning political party. Campaigns represent a major part of what we do and how we build momentum for maximum progressive change. Since 2006 our activists have been heavily involved in a wide range of political, economic, social and cultural campaigns at a local and national level. You can read about a selection of our current campaigns below. We are constantly expanding this section of our website, so please check back regularly.

If you want to find out more about our campaigns, just drop us a line here. And if you’re ready to be the change, you can apply to join Éirígí For A New Republic here.

UP Housing

UP Housing - Universal Public Housing has the potential to not only end the housing crisis, but also transform Irish society. Under such a system the state would directly supply suitable, high-quality homes to anyone that is need of housing, regardless of their income. For the first time in Irish history every family would have total security of income and only pay an affordable rent linked to their income. You can find out more about our UP Housing campaign here.

We Only Want The Earth!

We Only Want The Earth - In Defence Of Ireland’s Natural Resources - Éirígí believes that the people of Ireland should be in control of, and benefit from, Ireland’s vast natural resources.   From 2006 onward, our activists were heavily involved in the fight to prevent Shell and other private energy companies taking control of the Corrib Natural Gas Field.  In 2014 our activists were again to the fore of the campaign against the proposed Water Tax – a precursor for the planned privatisation of Ireland’s water resources and infrastructure.


Ní Saoirse Go Saoirse na mBan

Ní Saoirse Go Saoirse na mBan - there is no freedom until the freedom of women. Despite the advances of recent decades, there are still important battles to be won in the fight for women’s rights in Ireland. In the Six Counties women are still denied access to abortion services. And across all of Ireland, women are routinely subjected to violence in their homes and to discrimination in their workplaces. Éirigí is committed to the fight for the full vindication of the rights of all women.


One World - One Struggle

One World - One Struggle, in solidarity with the oppressed and exploited peoples of the world. Ireland has long experience of the devastating consequences of imperialism. We understand that imperialism, the highest form of capitalism, respects no border or people as it pillages the earth for natural resources, cheap labour and markets. The logical solution to the division of imperialism is international solidarity among the working classes. Éirígí routinely participates in acts of international solidarity, while building fraternal links with progressive organisations overseas.