Éirígí For A New Republic

Éirígí activists have voted to amend the party name to ‘Éirígí For A New Republic’. The amendment received unanimous support at the recent Éirígí Ard Fheis with all those present voting in favour of the proposal. The amended name has been approved by The Office of the the Registrar of Political Parties in Leinster House, meaning that “Éirígí For A New Republic” will appear on ballot papers in the Twenty-Six County local elections in May. Speaking in relation to the amendment Cathaoirleach Éirígí Brian Leeson said,

“In January of 2018 Éirígí produced a manifesto entitled a ‘Democratic Programme for the New Republic’. It outlined our vision for the all-Ireland Republic that we wish to see established as a replacement for both the Six and Twenty-Six states.

Long-term economic, demographic, social and political shifts within the Six Counties have weakened partition to the point that the political re-unification of Ireland is becoming increasingly likely. In the Twenty-Six Counties too, the state is structurally incapable of delivering liberty, equality, community, democracy, justice or any other core republican value.

Even the establishment political parties are coming to the realisation that we are now potentially moving into the end game for both partition and the two existing states.

Against this backdrop the addition of ‘For A New Republic’ to our party name was a logical step. It will allow people to instantly understand both our analysis and our objective.

And it marks out the political territory of a New Republic for genuine republicans, pushing back against establishment pretenders who are attempting to make that territory their own.

The change to our party name comes on the back of the recent launch of a new party website and a highly successful Ard Fheis. We’re ready to play our part in the struggle to build a new all-Ireland state that is worthy of the name Irish Republic.”