After the Death of Lyra McKee All Armed Attacks Must End

Éirígí for a New Republic has called for an end to all armed attacks by those currently engaged in such activities. Speaking from Portadown the party’s Six County spokesperson, Breandán Mac Cionnaith said today,

"A young, talented Irish woman died last night in Derry for no logical or justifiable reason. No amount of apologies from the armed grouping responsible can ever provide any solace or comfort to the family and friends of Lyra McKee.

Lyra McKee’s tragic and totally avoidable death clearly highlights the futility of continued armed actions by republicans.

Such actions do not advance the cause of Irish republicanism. Rather, they serve only the interests of the British state and the interests of those conservative elements in Ireland that are opposed to the development and growth of progressive and radical politics. The time has long passed for all armed actions to be brought to an end.

Since 2006, we have consistently argued that positive social, political and economic change can only come through the building of a new peaceful mass movement made up of political parties, trade unions, campaigning and community groups, cultural organisations and other progressive forces. We believe that remains the only logical and viable alternative to the mindless militarism that was on display in Derry last night.

Éirígí extends our heartfelt sympathies to Lyra McKee's family and friends as they come to terms with the dreadful loss that has been inflicted upon them."