Photo Diary: Dundrum Demands Homes For Families Not Corporate Profit!

Residents of Dundrum and the surrounding areas gathered at the constituency office of Shane Ross today to demand an end to the corporate takeover of housing. The local Éirígí Ciorcal (branch) organised the event to highlight and challenge government housing policies that actively encourages private corporations to buy up homes for the purpose of maximum profit generation.

In the last six years private corporations have amassed a portfolio of over 2,400 homes in the Rathdown constituency, with advanced plans for thousands more already in place. Over the same period rent has increased by over 70% in the area, due in large part to the aggressive rent-pricing strategies deployed by the corporate landlords.

Éirígí For A New Republic is calling for a ban on the corporate ownership of housing. We believe that housing should be used for one purpose only - to provide affordable, secure homes for individuals and families. We are further calling for the housing which is currently owned by private corporations to be taken into public ownership as part of the process of creating a new system of Universal Mixed Income Public Housing.

If you’re ready to join the fight for housing justice in Dublin South or anywhere else in Ireland please get in touch today. Together we can build the New Republic.