Tip Theft - The Tip Of The Exploitation Iceberg

Éirígí For A New Republic spokesperson Damien Farrell has slammed tip theft and other exploitative practices within the hospitality sector. Tip theft involves the theft by management of tips that have been left by customers for waiting and other staff.

Farrell was speaking ahead of a protest which is due to take place at 5.30pm today (July 20th) outside The Ivy restaurant in Dublin. Speaking from the South West Inner City Farrell said,

“Over the last few months a group of workers, trade unionists, community and political activists have come together to highlight the issue of tip theft in bars, restaurants, hotels and the wider hospitality sector. Their campaign has been hugely successful in raising public awareness about one of the dirtiest secrets of the hospitality sector. So successful that it has also forced Fine Gael to draft legislation that should outlaw tip theft in the future.

Unfortunately tip theft is just the tip of an exploitation iceberg within the hospitality sector. Many workplaces within the sector are defined by low pay, insecure hours, bullying, harassment and a generally toxic work environment. This situation is exacerbated by the refusal of many employers to recognise or properly engage with trade unions.

Damien Farrell joins previous protest outside The Ivy restaurant

Damien Farrell joins previous protest outside The Ivy restaurant

It is totally unacceptable for businesses to maximize their profits through the blatant exploitation of their workers - many of whom are young, non-national, low-skilled, single parents or otherwise vulnerable to such exploitation.

Éirígí For A New Republic fully supports those working within the hospitality sector as they fight for better wages and improved working conditions. We will continue to work with like-minded individuals and groups to force an end to tip-theft and other exploitative practices within the sector.”

Today’s protest outside The Ivy restaurant on Dawson Street, Dublin is being organised by Communities Against Low Pay and Solidarity With Ivy Workers. It will run from 5.30pm to 7.30pm and is open to all.