New UP Housing Campaign Page Added To Website

A new UP Housing campaign page has been added to the Éirigí For A New Republic website. The page is the latest addition to our campaign for universal public housing, which began in 2016.

UP Housing - universal mixed income public housing is the only system that can permanently end the housing crisis and provide secure, affordable homes for all. It has the potential to transform not just the housing sector, but Irish society as well.

It would consign rack-renting, economic evictions, homelessness, substandard housing, crippling mortgages and all of the other exploitative elements of profit-driven housing to the dustbin of history.

UP Housing is the radical housing solution that terrifies land speculators, property developers, bankers, landlords, estate agents and all of the assorted parasites that have grown rich off the misery of others. And it terrifies their political fixers in the establishment parties.

It terrifies them because it represents a fundamental rebooting of the rules that have governed Irish society for generations. No longer would housing be segregated on the basis of income and class. No longer would banks or landlords be able to use the need for housing to satisfy their greed for wealth.

You can read much more about UP Housing at the new campaign page here

If you like what you read and want to help with our UP Housing campaign please get in touch today. Éirígí activists will be stepping up the demand for UP Housing in their own communities over the coming weeks and would welcome any extra help. Together we can win the fight for housing justice.