Video: Cat Wiener of Focus E15 Speaking at Éirígí Ard Fheis

Focus E15 is a London-based housing campaign that arose from the eviction of a group of young working-class mothers from a homeless hostel in 2013. Cat Wiener, through her work with the Revolutionary Communist Group, helped get Focus E15 up and running.

Cat was a guest speaker at Éirígí Ard Fheis 2019, where she gave a comprehensive run-down on Focus E15 and the wider struggle for housing justice in London and England. The parallels between the housing crisis in Ireland and the housing crisis in England are striking. In both countries a powerful elite of landowners, developers, bankers, landlords and estate agents have been aided and abetted by the political establishment in turning homes into highly-profitable commodities.

Those same powerful forces are organised on a transnational basis. They care little from where their profits come, so long at the come in an ever increasing volume. They’ll charge extortionate rent to harvest the wages of an Irish worker as quickly as an English, French or German worker.

We in Éirígí For A New Republic understand that the fight for housing justice here in Ireland cannot be separated or waged in isolation for the fight for social justice across Europe and beyond. For this reason we are committed to working with like-minded individuals and groups both at home and abroad.

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